One of my favorite things to living her in the US Virgin Islands is sailing. I love the sound of the wind in the sails, the feel of the ocean breeze on my face and the views of beautiful St Croix from offshore.  Here are some great options for sailing adventures while you are here on St Croix:

Sunset Sails:

Most of our Buck Island Tour Operators also offer evening sunset sails out of Christiansted Harbor.  Sail time depends on the time of year (our sunset schedule only varies by a little over an hour – so in the summer time the latest the sun sets is about 7pm in early July; the earliest it sets in December is 5:40pm) so be sure to check with the boat what time its setting sail! Sunset sails typically go out for about 2 hours.

Who Do We love?

Big Beard’s Adventure Tours

Tel 340-773-4482
Evening Sails aboard Renegade their 42′ Sailing Catamaran. Includes complimentary Rum Punch.
Adults $35; Children 6-12 $25; Children 5-under $15

Jolly Roger 

Tel 340-513-2508
Evening Sails aboard the Jolly Roger Catamaran that flies blue & white striped sails. Complimentary Rum Punch Included.
Adults $35; Children $15

Schooner Roseway

Tel 340-626-7877

The World Ocean School is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing challenging educational programs aboard the Schooner Roseway.  She spends her winters here on St Croix where they offer educational programs to local school children.  Part of the way they raise funds is by offering day and sunset sails. This is a fantastic opportunity to help hoist the sails and see what its like to sail aboard a tall ship! She’s here in our waters typically from late November thru April or May.

Sailing Charters

Though St Croix is located 40 miles from the other US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, 3-day sailing charters are available aboard the Kindred Spirit. Rates start at $2400.00 for a 3-day sail with up to 6 guests. They also offer sunset sails & day charters around St Croix

Kindred Spirit

Tel 340-718-5464

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