Sunscreens a Threat to Coral Reefs

Three-quarters of St Croix is surrounded by the largest living barrier reef in the Caribbean. And then we have the incredible reefs just off shore surrounding Buck Reef National Monument. These reefs provide homes for a myriad of plants and animals, including the colorful fish we love to see snorkeling and endangered sea turtles. Our community […]

Columbus Landing St Croix My-StCroix

Columbus Landing 1493 St Croix

In 1493 Christopher Columbus landed on what would later become St Croix, US Virgin Islands at Salt River Bay changing the course of the island’s history and setting the stage for 7 Eurpopean Flags to fly over the island. This is the only spot in the United States where Columbus actually landed and was the first […]


Travel Channel’s Real St Croix

When producer and television host Shane Reynolds (aka Shane O of Color Earth Productions, Shane Untamed on NatGeo) contacted me about filming an episode of his new Travel Channel series Real on St Croix, I was so excited! I got to become friends with Shane and his wife, Romona, on their last trip to St […]

Emancipation A Crucian History

Emancipation Day: A Truly Crucian Story

While many across the United States and it’s Territories are preparing for the 4th of July and American Independence celebrations, today July 3rd,  marks a very important holiday here in the US Virgin Islands – Emancipation Day. One of my favorite books is Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende which tells the harrowing saga of […]

Buck Island Is it floating away

Is Buck Island Floating Away?

In an alarming study by a joint venture between the National Service of Parks and NOOA, scientists have discovered that St Croix’s beloved Buck Island is floating away from the main island’s shores at a rate of 10 feet per year. This trend was first discovered by sea turtle watch volunteers when they noticed their […]

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St Croix Vacation

7 Days in Paradise: Shaking the Winter Blues

When you live on an island far away from your family, your friends become your island family. And their family becomes an extension of yours. So, it’s fun when they visit over time and you get to know them a little better each trip. My friend Greg’s sister, Jenni, has visited St Croix several times […]

st croix us virgin islands vacation itinerary

The Ultimate 5 Day St Croix Experience

So, I have friends from High School coming to the island for the first time later next week. Of course, I want to show them the very best that St Croix has to offer, so I’ve put together the ultimate St Croix Itinerary to make sure they see the island, experience the culture and go […]


Horsing Around on St Croix

It had been about 15 years since I’d been on a horse and I’m not going to lie, I was nervous! I’d spent my childhood riding at any opportunity I could get. In college and after, I worked in several barns and rode quite a bit. But, when getting ready to move to St Croix […]


Keep Calm and Drink Rum

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are a part of life in the islands. They aren’t something to be particularly fearful of and most often they aren’t much more than an inconvenience. However, they should be taken seriously and preparing ahead can avoid a lot of stress and frustration.  Here are a few of my tips for […]

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